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1841-01-07 Battle of the Bogue Opium War.
1841-01-16 Convention of Chuenpi only signed by Elliot.
1841-01-26 H.K. is taken over and Govt. administered by Elliot as Chief Superintendent of the Trade of British subjects in China.
1841-01-29 first proclamation declared that Chinese should be governed by laws of China and others according to laws of Great Britain.
1841-02-01 second proclamation promised free exercise of religious rites, social customs and private rights. British and foreign merchants came from Macao to prospect.
1841-02-15 Building commenced.
1841-03-15 Jardine, Matheson & Co erected first substantial house and godowns at East Point.
1841-03-31 army and naval establishments first located near West Point and mercantile centre at Wong Nei Cheong Valley but this proved too unhealthy.
1841-04-01 Chinese settled to the west of Wong Nei Cheong Valley in “the Canton Bazaar” and near site of later Central Market in “the Bazaar”.
1841-04-15 About 2,000 Tan-ka or boat people came to Colony.
1841-05-01 In 1st issue of H.K. Govt. Gazette Chinese Magistrate appointed.
1841-05-15 in 2nd issue original census published.
1841-05-25 Dents set up office.
1841-05-26 First Opium War invasion Guangzhou Canton.
1841-06-07 Proclamation declared Hongkong a free port.
1841-06-14 At 1st sale of lands, subsequently disputed, 33 marine lots aggregating about 9 acres sold for total annual rent of £3,032.
1841-06-18 Happy Valley was named as Wong Nei Cheong Valley in Dr Cree Journal.
1841-06-30 Outbreak of malignant malarial fever.
1841-07-21 violent typhoons.
1841-07-25 violent typhoons.
1841-08-12 destructive fire on retarded progress of new Colony.
1841-12-31 Harbour Master, Clerk of Works, Colonial Surgeon and Land Officer appointed.


1842-02-01 British Trade in China moved to Hongkong.
1842-03-24 Leighton’s Bazaar and Matheson’s Bazaar occupied the site from Percival Street to Yun Ping Road.
1842-04-18 Robert Edwards was placed in charge of the Post Offic
1842-05-12 Inscriptions for Wanchai Protestant Burial Ground .
1842-06-09 near the Wong Nei Chung Valley, are large double matted godowns and Gillespie brick house.
1842-06-13 Alexander Robert Johnston, Acting Administrator, took office.
1842-06-21 Canton Bazaar opened.
1842-07-21 inscription Wanchai Roman Catholic Burial Ground.
1842-08-25 Magistracy Road was renamed to Arbuthnot Road.
1842-08-29 Treaty of Nanking.
1842-11-15 Major General Saltoun who took over command of the troops.


1843-01-12 The Canton Dispensary moved to Captain Morgan’s Bazaar in Hong Kong as the Hong Kong Dispensary.
1843-04-12 Governor‘s Notification of suspension the adjoining Lot 15 next to the Old Wan Chai Post Office.
1843-05-11 Wang Antung and Hienling, visited Hongkong dined twice with Pottinger.
1843-06-01 Francis Spring succeeded Post Office General.
1843-06-12 The Post Office establishment moved to the House formerly used as a Post Office., near the Government House.
1843-06-26 Henry Pottinger took ofice as Governor.
1843-06-30 Pottinger appointed 44 Judges of Peace including John Ambrose Mercer.
1843-08-23 the death of John Ambrose Mercer when preparing to build a house at WanChai.
1843-12-15 Pottinger proposed Upper Bazaar to remove altogether, near Cochrane Street.